Me Books lets you experiment with storytelling in children's books by using your own edit, voices, foley and sounds.

Since 2012

Learning begins with listening.

That's where literacy develops.

Hear the signature voices of Benedict Cumberbatch, Sir David Jason, Rik Mayall, Adam Buxton, and many more with the App’s built-in narration. ​

Over 50 voice actors from around the world.
With build-in narration, your child can hear how tricky words sound out loud and imitate native English pronunciation. 

Sound Effects & Side Scripts

Accurate pronunciation and intonation for

every child and parent.

Whisk little ones away to other places and let your child design the sounds of each scene themselves  with only a tap and their imagination.​

Sound effects add atmosphere and another layer of immersion to stories on the Me Books App.

Unlock a diverse collection of books, from New York Times bestsellers to local works and everything in between.​

We work with over 40 publishers around the world to produce content that empowers children to be involved, engaged, and inspired.
and many more...

Over 160 guided and levelled children's books to support literacy development.

The availability of these books and other content may change from time to time, and from geographic territory to territory, for a number of reasons (including publisher deals and copyrights).

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Selected titles and publishers may restricted for some countries due to copyrights.

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"We Believe in Our Children" 
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