8 Activities with "Don't Wake The Bear, Hare" Children's Book by Steve Smallman

'Don't Wake the Bear, Hare' here takes readers on a learning journey to not judge a book by its cover. We can't simply judge someone or something based on their appearance just like the animals! They thought bears were angry and scary just because of its size and how it's hairy but once they've made friends with the bear, they knew they were wrong.

Activities breakdown:

a) During storytelling - To engage children with creative play and questions that involve participation throughout the process.

1. Storytelling Activities

  • Complete the activities by conducting them from the app during storytelling time.

b) Post-storytelling - Each level is based on the difficulty of the activity and approximately how long each activity will take.

1. 1. Tea'll Me Where The Cups Are

  • Find the teacups in the picture, count the number of teacups you can find and colour them in different colours.

1.2. Shaping Things Together

  • Find the perfect match for each object with a similar shape you can identify with from the story.

1.3. Te-a Par-ty

  • Match the squares to the empty boxes.

2.2. What's In The Basket?

  • Write one sentence description about the function of each item in the picnic basket. (E.g. jug = to hold drinks, basket = to bring food)

3.1. A Cause for Celebration

  • Draw one thing that represents the special day, explain why you celebrate it and the significance of that representative item.

3.2. Waking Up The Word

  • Divide the students into groups. Each group has to pick up 5 difficult words and find the meaning of each word. Try to make sentences out of these words.

3.3. Acknowledging Your Fear

  • Write down your fears on a piece of paper and put them in the bottle.

Learning Outcome

  • Being able to concentrate

  • Being able to identify different shapes

  • Identifying things to bring to a party

  • Learning and understanding new words

  • Acknowledging emotions and overcoming fears

a) During Storytelling Activities

b) Post-Storytelling Activities

1.1. Tea'll Me Where The Cups Are

1.2. Shaping Things Together

1.3. Te-a Par-ty!

2.2. What's In The Basket?

3.1. A Cause For Celebration

3.2. Waking Up The Word

3.3. Acknowledging Your Fear

Conduct these activities and get yourselves some stickers of encouragement!

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