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Catch the Ice Cream!

Hello peeps! In light of this week's theme, "Sharing and generosity" today's activity will be revolving around sharing and the act of kindness. The game for today is called "Catch the ice cream". Now hold your horses, you're not actually catching a scoop of ice-cream. Instead, you're catching a small ball! It's more fun if you play it with 4 or more people.

It's a pretty simple game - the materials needed are:

  1. a piece of paper

  2. a black marker

  3. a plastic ball (any plastic ball is fine as long as it fits into your ice cream cone)

  4. a clear tape

Here are the simple steps for you to put it together:

1. Take a piece of paper and draw horizontal and vertical lines only on one side (this will be outside of your cone)

2. Roll the paper into a cone shape and make sure the hole is wide enough for your ball to be put inside and then tape the edges to secure it. We don't want any of the balls to fall out!

And you're ready to play!

Easy-peasy, right?

If your plastic ball is too small or is stuck inside the ice cream cone, fret not! Insert a plastic cup inside the cone as an alternative to make it easier for you to toss and catch the ball - it'll look something like this!

Complimenting this week's theme, we at Me Books created this game to encourage kids to share and be generous with one another. That being said, it teaches them to be patient while waiting for their turn. What other fun way for children to interact and play with one another? Before tossing the ball (ice cream) encourage others to say "Would you like to share my ice cream with me?" and your response should be something like "Yes please, I would like to have some too." Remember, the magic words are mandatory!

Don't forget to check out the new Me Books app that will be launching very, very soon! We have many new features for you to try. This includes storytelling time, storytelling achievements and you are able to keep track of your storytelling journey also! We can't wait for you to love it as much as we do.


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