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Children's Stories on Facebook and Instagram

Updated: Sep 17, 2020

Wondering if there are any magical spells that can make a difference in your child's life? Me Books is cooking up a magical potion that will grant you FREE access to selected children's stories created and illustrated by local talents. In case you're wondering, no downloads needed!

Mirror, mirror on the wall. Why is Me Books giving out FREE stories for all?

Hundreds of millions of people visit public libraries around the world; Regardless of age, race or beliefs, people visit these magical palaces. However, since the pandemic began, lockdowns have been conducted on a global scale. 

Who knew you'd miss the office, the fresh breeze, eating out freely, going to the park and library? We understand that juggling between work and family time at home has definitely been tough. 

So, we decided to take on the role of fairy godmother/father! Keep a close watch because, "Bibbidi-Bobbidi-Boo, we will make magical stories come to you!"

We will transform Facebook into a magical realm where stories come to life at the tip of your fingers within your own home. Our Me Books witches, wizards, fairies, elves and unicorns have been working tirelessly to create the perfect potion (p.s. no unicorns were harmed during the making of this potion) that will make you and your child's storytelling adventure more magical than ever! And we're going to share the recipe with YOU!

Follow this recipe and get ready for a storytelling adventure that you and your child will never forget!  

Me Books Creations Magic Potion Ingredient List

These were the chosen ingredients to create the perfect magic potion to make you and your child fall in love with storytelling (… and eventually us)

Stay tuned to our Facebook page and Instagram and get ready to snuggle up in bed with your little ones for the wonderful storytelling session. Share this secret recipe to all the other super-moms and bat-dads out there! 

Ready for story time? LIKE and FOLLOW our Facebook page by clicking on the Facebook icon and start your storytelling adventure with us NOW!!


"Every child deserves world-class content and innovative experiences."

About Me Books 

We Believe in Our Children

We believe that every child deserves equal quality education content that is accessible, affordable and enjoyable. Great values are what we seek everywhere we go; in the people we work with and in the content, we look for and create. And here at Me Books, values are what hold us together and inspire us in everything we do — from the books we carry, to the events we curate and to the content we craft and put out to the world. 

About Me Books App

Nurturing the next generation of storytellers. 

Me Books App is a wonderland of children's books with rich, immersive audio in one interactive storytelling app. By handpicking a selection of children's books from the very best publishers around the world, it is designed for early readers to spark enthusiasm in storytelling and learning.

If you and your child are excited to join in on more storytelling adventures just like the ones on our feed, download our app on the Apple App Store or Google Play Store today!

About Me Books Creations

In Support of Our Local Creators Around The World

Me Books Creations collection contains specially crafted children's stories and artwork by the finest talent across the world. It incorporates top-notch elements - timeless life lessons, beautifully written stories and masterfully done illustrations!

As local authors and illustrators are often underrated, let Me Books be the canvas to your masterpiece to bring your stories to life and nurture the next storytellers. If you are interested, drop us a friendly greeting at Through the same passion and beliefs, let's create world-class stories together! 

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