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Head over Meals with Edible Art!

Hey there, Me Books Fam-Bam! Worried about gaining weight during this pandemic? Us too.

Staying at home and taking care of your children can be quite exhausting especially when it comes to eating healthy. And at times, difficult to get your child to eat a healthy meal.

Never fret! We have the perfect way to get the kids involved and helping out in the kitchen. As well as get even the pickiest eaters to eat their fruits and vegetables. Not to mention a fun-bonding time with your children.

Here are 4 simple and adorably delicious recipes for a healthy snack that you can try out.

(Remember to let your parents do the chopping!)

Munching Caterpillar says "eat your veggies!"

What you need:

- cucumber slices

- lettuce

- broccoli

- raisins

- baby carrot

- biscuit

Good vibes with the Groovy Porcupine

What you need:

- grapes

- guava

- raisins

- toothpicks

This is a snack meant just for night-owls! Meet Apple Owl

What you need:

- apple

- baby carrot

- raisins

- grapes

- baby corn

Here's something you can have on a Rainy Day!

- Banana

- Seeds

- Orange

- baby carrot

- Grapes

Hope you enjoy these snacks! We'll see you soon in the next blog. Do look forward to it. Remember to stay safe, and stay healthy!

Until next time, keep on dreaming little star~

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