"Every classroom is like a theatrical play for every child."

Transforming your classroom into a collaborative, creative space has never been simpler.
With Me Books, both teachers and students can create stories together, organise a full-cast production, and even make storytelling props as a whole class.​

How to use Me Books App in Classroom?

During Storytelling
Read-aloud Drama
Arts n Crafts session
Student Achievements Log Book. (Jan 2020)
Expressive Corner
Shadow Play
Patching with Decopatch*
*Sold Separately

Want to know more about how Me Books Plus can help in taking your classroom beyond the four walls?

Our team is ever-prepared to present you with a quick demo of Me Books Educator Bundles and its' fun, classroom-friendly functions.
Schedule a visit from us now, or at a time most convenient for you. Otherwise, if you'd like to schedule a call, do let us know.

More than just reading.

Together, you and your students can play an assortment of characters. Recount tales with gusto. Or compose an orchestra of sounds within the story world.


Whatever the craft, there's something for every person in the class—students and educators alike.

Beyond four walls.

Step out of the classroom and experience all that the great outdoors have to offer, right down to the tiniest details.
Bird songs, the pitter-patter of rain, the rustling of leaves - the melodies of nature enrich every child's storytelling.
At the same time, you're also encouraging exploration and discovery.

With curated children's titles.

We work closely with publishers like Oxford University Press (UK), ELI Publishing (Italia) and Wickwick (Finland) to empower students and teachers to become involved, engaged, and inspired.



Free resources

for you and your students.

Engage with the story in wonderfully new ways.

Scripting characters' thoughts
Engaging students with creative play and questions involve participation throughout the process.

During Storytelling

Breakdown into a few groups. 
Together, you and your students can play an assortment of characters. Recount tales with gusto. Or compose an orchestra of sounds within the story world.

Read-aloud Drama

Art n craft session after storytelling helps young children learn to think and express their very own imagination for the story, characters or world.

Post Storytelling

Expressive Corner

Story books provide a springboard for discussion, during which there are no right or wrong answers. The purpose of discussion is to engross children with ideas, discovery and possibilities.
Shadow play infuses exploration into storytelling, letting your students immerse themselves in the stories while learning about the world around them.

Explore shadow play in class.

Reward and give students a sense of pride and accomplishment! Hand these out to them as a motivation booster with words like "Good Job!" or "Keep it up!"

Student Achievement Log Books & Stickers

Coming Soon

Me Books Educator Bundles

Available to current and newly pre-schools, kindergartens, primary school students and their parents, as well as faculty, staff, and homeschool teachers of all grade levels.*

Resources (Coming Soon)


"We Believe in Our Children" 
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