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An Eastern Retelling of Aesop's Fables

Aesop's Fables, credited towards an ancient Greek storyteller, has survived through centuries and multiple adaptations, reinterpretations and artistic expressions.

Anchoring the core narrative, these noble values are meant to deliver lessons to their audience. 


The environment and character base had to be designed accurately from an architectural, geographical, cultural or ecological perspective, all while highlighting values that transcend time and space.

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How the Boastful Fox Learnt His Lesson

Inspired by "The Boasting Traveller"

Set in Australia & Malaysia

The sly Fox invites his pen pal, Stork, to his home with intentions of boasting about his lavish globetrotting lifestyle.
During the visit, friendly Stork become a victim of Fox's cunning intentions and decides to teach Fox a lesson by inviting him over to his home instead.
There, the tables turn as Fox is put in a difficult situation. Eventually, he learns to put himself in the shoes of others and be more accepting of others and their needs.

The Bear that Whispered

Inspired by "The Bear and the Two Travellers"

Set in Taiwan

Adventure buddies Ming and Han go on an adventure trail that will change their friendship forever. 


The duo's friendship is put to the test when they come face-to-face with a big brown bear in the wildernesses as Ming runs for safety, leaving Han to face the beast alone. Discover the true meaning of friendship and forgiveness in the tale of 'The Bear That Whispered'.

The Hardworking Farmer & the Forces of the Sky

Inspired by "The North Wing & the Sun"

Set in Japan

As one challenges the other to prove its power and existence, the forces of the sky learn the importance of teamwork.

In a war between Sun and Wind, the forces of nature prove that patience and kindness yield the best results.

The Boy Who Cried Snow Leopard

Inspired by "The Boy Who Cried Wolf"

Set in Nepal

In a small village nestled on the highlands lives a curious shepherd boy named Bashant who enjoys playing tricks on the villagers.

However, one day, the consequence of his 'harmless tricks' is revealed when Bashant faces true danger alone despite crying for help.

In a twist of class fable 'The Boy Who Cried Wolf', learn the valuable life lesson of honestly through the eyes of little Bashant.

A short story about unleashing one's creativity and imagination by seeing the world with childlike curiosity and wide-eyed wonder. 


Embark on a magical journey through storytelling, as a little girl seeks to find more in life. 


The girl serves as a reminder for us to never forget the little things that make us who we are : curious, bold and ever-inspiring. 

Since young, we're often being defined by the grades we get in school, the friends we have, the way we look, and what have or have no achieved. 

At one point, we stop enjoying the simple little things and the magic in everyday life. It is important to remember that life is much more than just talking exams, working late nights, and following in the footsteps of others.

Go on a storytelling adventure beyond the wonders of these pages with sound effects and narration, where imagination comes alive and where you can tell your stories just like the author intended.