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Me Books App Revamped 

 for your child and schools.

Improved book interactions

Trace, narrate, record, repeat! Personalise the voice-overs in the book by recording your own voice!

Locate the rainbow button on the top right corner to search for hotspots, double tap and swipe on a hotspot to make way for your own voice!

Trace your finger around any character in the book, even the narration! Then hold down and record. 

Tada! You have now personalised your story!

Record multiple voice-overs

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Give a personal touch to your stories by recording and saving up to 5 different voice-overs per book.

After saving, the voice-overs will sync across any device that is registered to the same account!

Achievement board for your child

A hall of fame awaits your child when they complete their daily ten (10) minutes of storytelling goals along with collecting many books, creating their own voice-overs and stickers earned!

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Over 700 stickers to be collected

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Be rewarded with stickers for reading and narrating!

Earn a sticker for every goal acheived!


parents dashboard

With this feature, parents can check out your child’s Voice-overs and listen to them at all times!

See the number of books your child has read and if they’ve reaching their daily reading goal!

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New characters!

Children get to choose from a variety of 31 different characters along with unique voice-overs, to guide them through the app! 

Not forgetting parents, you too can choose from a diverse range of characters! 

Add and switch storytellers

This feature allows you to add up to three (3) children and one (1) parent and switch storytellers whenever you want to!
Up to 20 students for classroom usage (coming soon)
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