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"Behind Every Child's Story is Love"

No matter how naughty, cheeky, playful a child is, deep down in their parent's hearts they mean the world to them.

About Mommy and Daddy Know Best
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The creative impulses behind 'Mommy and Daddy Know Best' came about after the team talked about their little ones' naughty behaviours over lunch, one day. There's always one child that was mischievous over another. And there were the cheeky ones too. The team then related it back to the times where they were children themselves.


What a timeless story we all shared.

Ultimately, we wanted to create a story where all mommies and daddies could relate. Moments in parenthood where it could be frustrating, at times physically draining, but our team concluded one thing, no matter what our little ones do, be it decorating our white-washed walls with their artwork or dolled their cute lil face with our expensive makeup, we still love them to bits nonetheless.


With the birth of this book, we hope to create a safe space for parents out there to talk about moments like this for them to better understand why their little ones behave they way they do and to encourage them to speak about their actions.


With a wordless illustration, this story is yours to tell. 

About #MommyandDaddyKnowBest
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Mommy and Daddy Know Best - Me Books
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When your little one acts out,
they are really just communicating.

Looking back at those moments when the hours felt stretched throughout the day and the chaos never seems to end in your house. Those LOL moments when looked back but not so funny when it happened then. Ooh, the incessant crying and wailing that can be heard one block away from your house, those scuffle you had to break when fighting over toys or how about the kind of mischief they get into when their little mind goes on a wonder exploration. There goes Mommy’s new lipstick!

Children act out to communicate and just like us their behaviour display what they think and feel. Me Books Creation specially illustrated, Mommy and Daddy Know Best audiobook is packed with Awwwhhhh…. and ticklish moments that will bring out dialogues of love as families’ bond over stories that are sometimes hard to tell in the heat of the moment. For at the end of the day, despite our children’s antics, a parent’s love knows no boundaries and this echoes all over the globe.

Me Books - Mommy and Daddy Know Best
Reviews for "Mommy and Daddy Know Best" Children's Book in Me Books Plus.
Serina, Scotland
I really like how interactive the stories are.
Andrea, United Kingdom
This is so much fun. The kids spend a good portion of their day, either reading books or having me read the books, so this makes it even better. It's interactive and this is a really good option for us to have.
Safia, Malaysia
Right now my boys are 8 and 6 years old this books reminds me of the sweet memories I had with them when they were small. I can relate so much with the book because each of the situation did happen to me and all of this memories will forever be in my heart.

Illustration Inspired by

San Francisco

All illustrations are inspired from local cultures, interiors and national animal symbols from 9 different countries.
Me Books - Mommy and Daddy know best
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