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Beyond Pages (Around the World)

Updated: Feb 26, 2021

Calling all book lovers (and non-book lovers alike), “think of the one thing that you’ve always wanted. Now find it in your mind’s eye and feel it in your heart.” -Beauty and the Beast.

We at Me Books believe that the most magical place is a library -where the pen is mightier than the sword and the written word has the power to impact whoever reads them. And, "with great power comes great responsibility."

Libraries have been keepsakes of history -holding knowledge, preserving art, even mysteries and memories. Indeed, it is truly a magical place. The books they hold are portals to other lands. When we read, we are teleported into different universes and get to experience life through different perspectives.

We begin our journey around the world with a fairytale library straight out from the books!

Admont Abbey Library -Admont, Austria

The Admont Abbey Library is the epitome of a booklovers' heaven. It is one of the oldest and largest monasteries in Austria, with its breathtaking architecture that has been used as inspiration for many historical-fantasy universes. Its elegant aesthetics would make anyone who enters the library, feel royal for a day.

This next one is for all Harry Potter fans. They are highly recommended to visit the State Library of South Australia in Adelaide, Australia. It is comprised of three buildings: the modern Catherine Helen Spence Wing, the historic Mortlock Wing, and the studious Institute Building.

The picture above is the 19th-century Mortlock Chamber also known as the “Harry Potter Room” due to its resemblance to the fictional grand library in Hogwarts. Many wedding photoshoots and other events such as wine-tasting have been held here because of its Victorian charm mixed with mystical flair. Imagine the mysteries they may have hidden here.

Now, time for a short history lesson. Onwards to Wiblingen Monastery Library -Ulm, Germany

Founded in 1093, this library wasn’t completed until 1744! The columns and statues were hand-carved from wood and painted to resemble marble. And what fine work they have done with such intricate details and textures. It explains why it took them more than 650 years to complete this artistic masterpiece.

Back to the present, Valentine's Day was a few days ago but it feels lonely while in quarantine. Let's try finding our Seoulmate at this cozy library.

Presenting, THE Starfield Library in Coex Mall -Seoul, South Korea

It's similar to a giant book cafe! Just imagine being bundled up with a cup of hot cocoa and a good book. With its cozy bear portrait made out of books, your soul will definitely be touched by Seoul in its own world of books. Fear not the guardians of this library with their towering bookshelves at every corner of the building.

This is the end of the beginning, the future is here! Keeping it clean and alluring is this minimalistic and sleek library. The Tianjin Binhai Library in Tianjin, China

Its extraordinary architecture was built to resemble the shape of our eye when looking at its exterior and therefore has been nicknamed "The Eye of Binhai." When visiting, try not to get overwhelmed with the form of its continuous curved seating and floor-to-ceiling stocked shelves that give a literal meaning to a "sea of books". Makes one wish to dive in headfirst!

That's all for today folks, we'll see you soon in the next blog.

Do look forward to it. Remember to stay safe and healthy!

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~Until next time, keep on dreaming little star~



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