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Grandpa and grandma, let's do something together!

Updated: Aug 4, 2021

Did you know that June is ‘Care For Your Grandparents Month’ ? Many of us have been taken care of by grandparents and have experienced the unconditional love that they have shown us.

This month, have your children show appreciation to their grandparents!

Grandparents month appreciation month

Here are some cute activities to try out:

1. Take a walk down memory lane.

Open up that dusty photo album and talk about those good ol’ days! This one is pretty much an activity that can involve three generations - grandparents, parents and child. There will be endless conversations happening as the child explores people and things from the olden days, while the grandparents reminisce about their past. This might even turn out to become a sentimental session!

2. Try out Grandma’s traditional recipe!

Coconut Jam (Kaya), murukku, and Apple Pies. Every Grandma has their top secret recipes, just pick one and it will be perfect for a three-generation cooking session!

3. Make an award badge for the grandparents!

Here’s a cute ‘Grandparent Award’ craft for your child have a go at decorating it, then writing a message in it! A great way for your child to show appreciation to their grandparents’ love and care.

Click link below to download the template!

grandparents month_colour
Download PDF • 1.38MB

We hope these suggestions prompt meaningful conversations and interactions between your child, your parents and yourself. Time to create more precious memories!

Till then Me Books Fam, we'll see you soon in the next blog.

Stay safe, and stay healthy!


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