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Simple Stay-at-home Reading Rewards Chart for your little ones!

Updated: Aug 4, 2021

With everyone staying at home for a safer future, this lockdown might have got you asking these questions:

"What do we do with all the extra time we have with our kids? "

"Reading sounds good, but how can I make my child interested in it? "

"How can I make reading fun? "

Stay-at-home Reading Rewards Chart

We hear you Me Books Fam!

Here's a simple Stay-at-Home Reading Rewards Chart for you to try out! Just follow the steps below and you’re good to go:

STEP 1: Print off our Reading Rewards Chart

Reading Rewards Chart

Reward charts are great ways to get children excited to complete certain tasks or indirectly form a habit - like reading! Get your little one to complete daily reading tasks to earn stickers for the chart. Eventually when the chart is filled up, a bigger reward awaits!

Click the link below to download our Reading Rewards Chart !
Download PDF • 10.17MB

STEP 2: Decide how your child will earn stickers for the chart.

In order to earn a sticker, your child will have to complete a small task. For instance, when they’ve read a book in the MeBooks App, or if they’ve narrated a book in the app, they earn a sticker!

Click link below to download some printable stickers for the chart!
Reading Rewards Stickers
Download PDF • 11.68MB

STEP 3: Some fun Reward ideas!

When a certain amount of stickers are collected, reward your child!

For example, 10 stickers to redeem a reward.

Here are some fun suggestions for you and your little ones:

  • Movie Night: Your child gets to pick what movie to watch for movie night with the whole family! Remember, your child has the say, even if it’s a movie that has been on repeat.

  • Pancake Dinner: Pancakes for dinner, how fun does that sound! Of course, you can think about your child’s favourite food as a substitute.

  • Double bedtime stories: Children enjoy bedtime stories because it is when they feel the most intimate with their parents! So, why not double it up?

  • Camping in the living room: With the pandemic going on, a simple sleepover/camping in the living room, or in a fort made out of pillows and blankets will also create great memories for your child!

Keep your word!

Last but not least, make sure you keep your promise! Keep track of the rewards chart all the time, remind your child how many more stickers they are away from redeeming the reward, and carry out the rewards as enjoyable as you can! After all, these rewards do create heart-warming memories, don’t they?

Till then Me Books Fam, we'll see you soon in the next blog.

Stay safe, stay healthy and keep reading!


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