Together, we can overcome this.


Dear Mommies & Daddies,

In light of recent events, the situation worldwide has been tense as the increase in the toll cases has caused much anxiety and uneasiness to everyone. The Coronavirus (COVID-19) has been spreading like wildfire and it has affected thousands of people worldwide causing lockdowns and restricted movement orders by several countries.

One of it being our home.

While everyone is safe within the confines of their home, we understand that keeping your little ones engaged could be a challenging task while working from home. During times like this, having access to books would support your child’s learning and instil in them the love for storytelling. 

We have always believed in making quality education accessible for every child out there and staying strong together amidst the pandemic is the only way we could fight this virus. Me Books would like to support your child's learning while cultivating young storytellers by giving out 3 months worth of Me Books Plus subscription to both new and existing users in Singapore, Australia, New Zealand and Italy from now until 31st May 2020.


We want to ease the burden of parents by ensuring every child out there has a library of books at their fingertips to support their learning and creativity for storytelling. That's why we are excited to share our love of interactive audiobooks and arts & craft resources with you and your little one.

Take care and stay safe, we hope that storytelling would bring you the comfort that you need for you and your little ones during these pressing times. On the bright side, this is the time for family bonding and connecting with your little ones by reading, playing and not to mention, the little activities like arts & craft that have been on your checklist for weeks.

With Love,
Me Books Family


Me Books Plus FREE access for families residing in Australia, Singapore, New Zealand and Italy.
A library of children's audio books for 3 months.

Share an entire library with your family and friends with this FREE access code:


A handpicked selection of over 300 titles from the very best publishers in the world.
and more*
 *Me Books Plus content will vary by region and may change over time. **Oxford University Press is not available in United Kingdom. *** ELI Publishing is not available in Italy.

Stay at home with stories that bring the world.

For New Users:

Step 1 : Download the Me Books Plus App and create an account through the app.
Step 2 : Redeem the code here to activate 3 months FREE subscription. 

For Existing Users:

Step 1 : Redeem the code here to activate 3 months FREE subscription. 

Need assistance?

We are more than happy to help.
Please bear with us as try to respond as fast as possible.
Oh and if you are an educator who would need a substantial amount of codes for your students during these pressing times, buzz us here!

How to use Me Books Plus?

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Spend quality time with your love ones at home with hands-on activities.

With the assistance of the Me Books Plus, connect stories and activities together to create a memorable storytelling experience.
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Ask questions during storytelling to stimulate the young mind!

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Understand your little one's feelings and thoughts better by asking the right questions

Activities with Me Books
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During Storytelling
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Arts n Crafts
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Expressive Corner
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Shadow Play
Where every child can express speech, drama and creativity.

Practice social distancing to keep your loved ones safe.


With Love, 

Me Books Family