12 Arts and Crafts from Around the World | 'Mommy and Daddy Know Best'

Mommy and Daddy Know Best
Mommy and Daddy Know Best

About the book

This is a heart warming picture book with minimal text, about different stories from families all around the world, with cheeky, playful children and their parents who are always loving.

As parents, no matter how naughty, cheeky, or playful they are, we still love our children dearly. Because they are who they are - our children. Hence, we're bringing you this story and hoping to convey this simple message -

"Behind Every Child's Story is Love".

Mommy and Daddy Know Best
Mommy and Daddy Know Best

12 Fun Activities from Around the World

The book Mommy and Daddy Know Best is a beautifully illustrated picture book with minimal text, with different story settings and characters after every page flip. Each spreads are based on cultures from different countries, including Japan, China, Malaysia, Scotland, England, America and many more! Our team came up with 12 different activities based on each country featured in the book, including craft activities, science experiments and many more!

Mommy and Daddy Know Best
Mommy and Daddy Know Best

1. DIY Scratch Art

2. Bubble Painting Craft

3. DIY Stress Ball Craft

4. Dragon Puppet Craft

5. Yubi Song - a Japanese Sing-Along song

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6. Chinese Rattle Drum Craft

7. DIY Constellation Jar Craft

8. Makuta Headdress Mask

9. Aboriginal Dot Painting

10. Kiwi Frozen Yogurt Lollies Recipe

Loving the activities so far?

Have a look at more activities and worksheets planned out based on the book, just download and enjoy!

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