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9 Classroom Activities with 'What do you remember?' by Paul Stewart and Chris Riddell

About the book

Featuring this delightful fable this Friendship Month, Rabbit and Hedgehog were out and about on a summer day, playing a game of 'Remembering'! Hedgehog suggested that day go for a trip down memory lane, to the places where they shared memories together. However, it seemed like Rabbit did not enjoy the game at all as the two friends' memories did not align! Hedgehog teased Rabbit about memories of him being clumsy and silly, and Rabbit became pretty cross about it...

What do you remember? by Paul Stewart and Chris Riddell
What Do You Remember?

The beautiful story 'What Do You Remember?' was cleverly written and illustrated to allow children to explore the not-so-happy part of friendships and relationships. Through playful conversations, Paul Stewart and Chris Riddell portrayed the disagreements that might happen within a friendship, how reconciliation could be so heart warming between two very good friends.

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Read 'What Do You Remember?' on the Me Books App!


Meet the Authors!

Elmer David McKee
Paul Stewart (Left) and Chris Riddell (Right)

Born in London, Paul Stewart was a highly regarded author of books for young readers - everything from picture books to football stories, fantasy and horror. His first book was published in 1988 and he has since worked for a number of publishers and had over fifty titles published.

Chris Riddell is an accomplished graphic artist whose distinctive line drawings, with their clever caricature, fascinating detail and often enchanting fantasy elements are familiar to both children and adults. In addition to his children's book works, Chris is a renowned political cartoonist, whose work appears regularly in UK newspapers the Observer and the Guardian, as well as The Literary Review and The New Statesman.



9 Fun Activities for your students!

Based on this delightful story, our team has come up with a series of classroom activities including games, worksheets and a craft activity!

Check out some previews of the activities below or download the full storytelling guide to access the complete guide of storytelling prompts and activity resources!

For Tiny Toddlers (Age 2-4)

Memory Game: Recollect the items!

Game: Months of the Year


For Playful Preschoolers (Age 5-7)

Game: The Balancing Act

Craft activity: Pinecone Hedgehogs


Fun worksheets for advanced learners! (Age 5-7)

Draw your favourite memory!

Best friends forever!


Loving the activities so far?

Have a look at more activities and worksheets planned out based on the book, just download and enjoy!

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What Do You Remember by Paul Stewart and Chris Riddell

Another delightful story featuring the sweet friendship of Rabbit and Hedgehog, this book explore disagreements and the concept of reconciliation that might happen within friendships.

Rabbit and Hedgehog discover that they remember things differently as they take a trip down memory lane.

Cultivating the value of friendship

and encouraging empathy, this book brings children to a deeper level of understanding relationships.


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