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An All New Me Books App

Updated: Aug 13, 2020

You may be asking yourself, “How can the all new revamped Me Books app enrich your family’s lifestyle in an all new innovative way?”. For starters, at Me Books we believe in investing in the imagination of your child and harnessing their capability to create. We take a traditional e-book platform and incorporate the concept of theatre and drama. This allows your child to become the director, narrator & cast member of their favourite stories to nurture the storyteller within them. Anything, and everything is possible with Me Books!

A Complete Makeover

Our fresh new look allows Me Books to transport you to your favourite theatre whenever and wherever you want. A cute and friendly home page coupled with good categorisation ensures that your child will remain engaged and having fun while they embark on their adventures.


Nurturing The Next Storytellers

Me Books strives to allow your child to become the master of their storytelling journey. This is why the feature to add your own voice over is the backbone to our app. With a simple trace the story is yours to tell!

In the revamped Me Books app you can now add multiple storytellers in one story! Gather your brothers, sisters, friends and parents to create an all new cast of characters! Want to collaborate with a family member far away? We got you covered! Voice overs can be synchronised across multiple devices so your project can be easily shared and worked on.


Rewarding Your Child

Remember collecting stickers when you were a kid? Well, your child can have those fond memories too! Read a book? Earn a sticker! Use the voice over function? Earn ANOTHER sticker! We offer over 700 unique stickers to reward your child along their storytelling journey.

Monitoring Progress

Don't you worry parents! On a dashboard dedicated to you is all the information you need to look back and marvel at your child's progress. Just tap and observe, it’s as simple as that! Say goodbye to boring progress reports! You can have fun even while watching your little ones!


Excited to start your storytelling journey? Sign up to become a beta tester today! Just head to : .


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