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Genie Bottle Craft with 'Nutmeg' by David Lucas!

Chickens Can't See in the Dark by Kristyna Litten

About the Book

A book about a little girl, with a vision to be the changemaker of her own life!

Nutmeg was an adventurous little girl by heart, she had enough of the dull and unexciting life she lived for the past years, so she took a walk and found a genie bottle that changed her life!

Often we might feel anxious or it may seem irrational to step out of our comfort zones, but life very much has more than what we could imagine, just awaiting us to set off for an adventure and explore all kinds of possibilities in life!

This book is beautifully written and illustrated by David Lucas, depicting the wild possibilities in one's life, while subtly conveying the message of being adventurous towards children!


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Fun Craft Activity for your children!

Inspired by this amazing book, our team has put together a series of activities for children aged 4-7 years! Check out our specially crafted storytelling guide for some simple question and answer activities, drawing, and worksheets, as well as a craft activity!

Here's a preview a fun craft activity included in the guide:

Make Your Own Genie Bottle!


Loving the craft activity so far?

Have a look at more storytelling prompts planned out based on the book, just download and enjoy!

download free storytelling resources


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Nutmeg by David Lucas

Nutmeg lives a very dull life with her old Uncle nicodemus and Cousin Nesbitt, eating nothing but cardboard for breakfast, string for lunch and sawdust for supper.

Then one day, she meets a genie who gives her a magic spoon which can perform all kinds of magic and changes Nutmeg and her family's life!


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