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Hello? Can you hear me?

Alison: (thisshig rrrerrk) "Tommy, do you read me? I saw a big giant monster coming your way"

Tommy: (thisshig rrrerrk) "Copy that Alison. We stay low until she moves."

Alison: (thisshig rrrerrk) "Roger that Tommy! "

Do you know what is going on between Tommy and Alison?

They are actually secretly communicating with each other through a phone. Yes, a phone that they built their own.

Do you know who and when telephone was created?

Well, the telephone was created way back in 1876 by Alexander Graham Bell.

Thanks to him and modern technologies, we now have a smart phone that can help us to talk to people all over the world!

How wonderful is that!

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Now, let’s try making your own paper cup phone!

Things you need:

1) 2 paper cups

2) A string

3) A scissor

Still stuck somewhere? Fret not. Me Books team is always ready to help.

This is how it will look like.

Are you ready to try your very own phone? Let’s try it with a family or friends now!

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