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Kindness Tree

Ahh the Kindness Tree! An easy activity to show your kindness to your most beloved person. It will simply boost some encouragement for children to act kindly. Let everyone in your family or classmates write down a few kind words on the hearts and display them proudly in your home or classroom.

Spreading kindness should be a daily thing and this simple kindness tree is a great reminder of that!

What You Need;

1. Coloured paper

2. Scissors

3. Pen or pencil

4. A twine (to tie your hearts)

5. A punch hole

6. Tree branches or anything that you can use to make it as a tree branch

7. A vase or any container to place your tree branch


1. Draw or trace hearts on the coloured paper and cut them out. Make sure the hearts are big enough for you to write a few words.


6.5 cm x 6 cm

2. Use your punch hole to create a hole at the top centre of each heart

3. Tie a piece of twine through each hole

4. Place your branches into your vase/container

5. Write out several compliments and kind messages onto each heart with a marker

and lastly....

6. Tie your hearts to the branches with your twine

And you're good to go!

See? All it takes are a few kind words that can make someone's day a lil better!

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