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What is perseverance?

Perseverance is what pushes you to do your best no matter how big or small the challenges are. You can aim to do your best to achieve a goal while moving on to the next.

Why is perseverance important for kids?

It is important because;

There are challenges everywhere no matter we like it or not and we'll need them to toughen up.

Challenges like playing sports or learning how to solve a math problem can also be draining. However, not all challenges are always mentally and physically draining. It could also be emotional like when they've lost a toy or misplaced their favourite video game.

No matter what the challenges are, perseverance is what makes them go through those obstacles in life.

Cheaters and quitters don't always go far in life. In fact, we can also help to avoid our children from cheating, quitting or avoiding a situation!

When we allow our children to fail, it means we're teaching them that it's okay to learn from their mistakes so that they can do better in the future. It might take them days, months or even years but hey, no one was born to be a quitter!

The author, John Quincy Adams once said "Patience and perseverance have a magical effect before which difficulties disappear and obstacles vanish."

These are the top 4 audiobook titles about perseverance which are on the Me Books App:

1. Chickens Can't See in The Dark by Kristyna Litten

Little Pippa is one determined chicken! She stood by her belief that chickens CAN see in the dark when the other chickens doubted her. Little Pippa then find ways to see in the dark and found out the solution was by eating carrots! She made carrot cookies, carrot custard, carrot curry and more. How persistent!

2. The Hare and The Tortoise by Lisa Suett

Harvey the Hare runs very fast, in fact the fastest hare in the village while Tilly the Tortoise runs very slow. One day they decided to have a race. Guess who won in the end? Persistence always win.

3. Travelling companions by Tuula Peere and Catty Flores

A terrible landslide had ruined Tony's village. His leg was broken and his parents and the other villagers had to leave to find for help. Luckily, two other villages were there to accompany him. However, they decided to start a journey on their own! An injured little boy, a blind former blacksmith and an old man. What a team!

4. Steven Seagull by Elys Dolan

Someone has been stealing sands and leaving holes on Beach City when Steven Seagull had retired from the police force. His ex-partner, Mac needed him back to help him catch the perpetrator. "A gull's gotta do what a gull's gotta do" and they went on an investigation to find out who has been behind this lousy crime!

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