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Reinforcing Emotional Intelligence through Storytelling | 'Captain Duck' by Jez Alborough

It's Emotional Intelligence Month! This October, we will dive into children storybooks that encourage and reinforce emotional intelligence within children. According to the NAEYC,

emotional intelligence is a set of skills associated with regulating one's own and others' emotions, and the ability to recognise and act upon those emotions.

What does a child with emotional intelligence look like?

Children with higher emotional intelligence tend to have improved attention paying skills, hence are more engaged in learning and school. Towards themselves, these children have a well sense of self-awareness and ability to regulate their own feelings and emotions. While socialising, they are also more empathetic, hence having the ability to build positive relationships.

How can storytelling improve my child's emotional intelligence?

Through fictional storylines and story characters that are filled with rich emotions, children embark on a journey to explore and experience different emotions as they go through the story. With the rich narration in stories, children are exposed to the language and vocabulary needed for them to express their thoughts and put the situations they experience in words!

Through storytelling and interactive prompts, children will also pick up empathetic skills as they are prompted to think in other's perspective.


Captain Duck by Jez Alborough

This week we feature this fun book, 'Captain Duck' by Jez Alborough, about a naughty but adventurous Duck going about town without considering the feelings of others as he interact with his friends!

Captain Duck by Jez Alborough
Captain Duck

This story is perfect for introducing the concept of empathy and taking other's point of view. As children go through the story with Duck, the storyteller can provide prompts for children to think deeper about the situations that happen in the story.

Dive deeper into the book with our carefully curated storytelling guide!


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Fun Storytelling Prompts with Captain Duck!

As adults, it is best to support children through prompting questions as you read the book together with children. Through questions and interaction, children participate in the storytelling session and this sparks their interest to explore more stories and books!

Below are some suggested storytelling prompts that you might find useful as u go through the book in the app with your little ones:

Forgetting about his truck that needed petrol-refill, Duck excitedly jumped into his friends' boat as soon as he sees them near the dock!

Some questions that you might ask to prompt children's thinking:

  • Why did Duck jump right into the boat and release the rope?

  • Duck jumped right into the boat with his friends without an invitation! Was it kind to do so?

  • How would Frog and Sheep feel having Duck barging into their boat?


As the boat trip went haywire, both Frog and Sheep were only struggling to keep themselves safe as Duck enjoys the madness he caused!

Some questions that you might ask to prompt children's thinking:

  • Do you think Frog knew how to water-ski?

  • How do you think Duck felt on the boat?

  • How could Duck have behaved and not cause such a chaos?


At last, the boat traveled back to where it came from and the animals on board safe and sound. Sheep hurriedly got off the boat and apologised to the boat's owner - Goat - while Duck was still hiding behind him...

Some questions that you might ask to prompt children's thinking:

  • Why did Sheep apologise to Goat?

  • How do you think Goat felt?

  • What should Duck be doing if he was a good friend?


Loving the storytelling prompts so far?

Have a look at more activities and worksheets planned out based on the book, just download and enjoy!

download free storytelling resources

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Captain Duck by Jez Alborough

As usual with duck, things get terribly out of hand when he takes the long-suffering Frog and Sheep on a trip out to sea in Goat's boat! But although Duck likes to think of himself as an expert sailor, he soon runs into problems and the friends have to spend a long, cold night out on the rolling waves...


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