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The Gratitude Flowers

The Gratitude Flower is an activity for all! Conduct this activity at your own home or at school with classmates, create and design a colourful garden that's filled with gratitude flowers. This encourages the spirit of gratitude amongst children while having fun while the flowers are being created!

Together with your child or as a class, talk about the things that you’re simply grateful for as you create your flowers but the explanation about gratitude and examples are needed to be provided to your children or class before getting started.

The gratitude flower will encourage children to:

Be kinder, be more resilient and increase happiness.

What you need:

1. Coloured papers

2. Paper plates

3. Tape

4. Scissors

5. Pencils

6. A ruler

7. Scissor

8. A marker


Step 1

Start by drawing a circle for the centre of the flower and cut it out. (Make sure the circle is big enough for you to write your name on it)

Step 2

Draw big petals for the flower and also cut it out. (Don't forget to be creative and experiment with different colours)

Step 3

Write down the things you are grateful for on the petals.

Step 4

Glue the petals to the flower's centre and there you go, your very first gratitude flower!

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