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4 Bedtime Story Tips with 'Daddy's Little Star' by Janet Bingham and Rosalind Beardshaw

A heart-warming book, perfect for a bedtime story with your little ones!

Daddy's little star storytelling guide resources

Daddy's Little Star by Janet Bingham & Rosalind Beardshaw
Daddy's Little Star by Janet Bingham & Rosalind Beardshaw

Each year, Family Fun Month is celebrated throughout the month of August around the world! Just like this picture book 'Daddy's Little Star', by Janet Bingham and Rosalind Beardshaw, about how a pair of father and son spent some time together enjoying the nature around them.

Storytelling prompts encourage children's participation during storytelling sessions, as well as enhance their speech and social skills.

To make storytelling interesting and memorable, our team has come up with a series of storytelling prompts based on the storybook 'Daddy's Little Star'. These prompts aim to encourage children's participation in storytelling sessions and enhance their speech and social skills.


Fun storytelling prompts as you read through the book with your child:

The book started off with Daddy Fox and little Fox playing beneath the autumn trees. While trying to catch the falling autumn leaves, Little Fox sang a little tune about how high the trees full of leaves go, almost high up to the sky!

Daddy's Little Star

Buzz like the bees!

As the playful conversation between the father and son went on, little Fox thought that bees might fly higher than the trees, and were the closest creatures to the sky. He went buzzing away like the little bees, have your child to join in buzzing along like the bees too!


Flap your wings like a bird!

Little Fox discovered that birds fly much higher than bees, which means the sky is way higher than where the bees were! Have your little ones imagine if they were high up in the sky, flapping their wings like birds!

Daddy's Little Star

Say goodnight to the sun, "Goodnight, Sun!"

Daddy's Little Star

While admiring the golden sunset, Little Fox understood that the sun is way higher that bees, birds and clouds, even though it was moving lower and lower, setting below the horizon. Have your child imagine the sun setting and say to the sun, "Goodnight, Sun!", just like little fox did.


Try to reach for the skies and imagine you're touching the moon

Daddy's Little Star

As the story came to an end, Daddy fox showed Little Fox how high the moon is hanging in the sky, but there are something much higher than the moon - the stars!

Have your little ones join in, stretching up high into the air, trying to reach for the moon and the stars!

Prompt conversations with your little ones about their favourite moments spent with the family, or have them suggest ways to celebrate this Family Fun Month!


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