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9 Animal-Themed Activities with 'Daft Bat' by Jeanne Willis and Tony Ross

Daft Bat by Jeanne Willis and Tony Ross

About the book

Daft Bat by Jeanne Willis and Tony Ross
Daft Bat

An absolutely delightful story featuring wild and nocturnal animals, this book playfully introduced children to the concept of empathy and learning to take someone else's point of view!

When Bat first joined the animal gang in a savannah, all the animals thought he was mad and daft! It seemed like everything bat sees and described were different from what the other animals think...

It was not long after Wise Owl came along and enlightened the gang, soon all the other animals tried to see things from Bat's point of view, and it all made sense after all!

What do you remember? by Paul Stewart and Chris Riddell
What Do You Remember?

Cleverly written and illustrated by Jeanne Willis and Tony Ross, this book is a gem for introducing children to the concept of self and others, as well as learning to take another person's point of view! Through playful conversations between Bat and the other animals, the story can be easily understood by children.

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Read 'Daft Bat' on the Me Books App!


Meet the Authors!

Image source: | Tony Ross (Left) and Jeanne Willis (Right)
Image source: | Tony Ross (Left) and Jeanne Willis (Right)

Jeanne Willis is an award-winning children's author, published worldwide. She has written over 150 books including picture books, novelty, teen novels and poetry. Jeanne lives in North London with two kids, two cats, a rabbit, 99 tadpoles and a Bog Baby.


Tony Ross is an English children’s author and illustrator. He has illustrated more than 800 books, including books for Roald Dahl. He is well known for the Little Princess series of books for preschoolers.



9 Fun Activities for little animal lovers!

Based on this delightful story, our team has come up with a series of activities including games, worksheets and a craft activity!

Check out some previews of the activities below or download the full storytelling guide to access the complete guide of storytelling prompts and activity resources!

Simple worksheets for your little ones!

**Retrieve the printable worksheet by downloading the full storytelling guide!


Fun Craft Activity with 'Daft Bat'!

Bat's Umbrella

Make an Umbrella pop up card for Bat!

From this activity, kids will:

get creative in this craft activity while engaging their fine motor skills.


Loving the activities so far?

Have a look at more activities and worksheets planned out based on the book, just download and enjoy!

download free storytelling resources

Suggestive Reads written and retold by Jeanne Willis:

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Daft Bat by Jeanne Willis and Tony Ross

Bat - being the sort of lady who hangs upside down - sees the world differently from most people. For example, in her eyes, the grass grows above and the sky hangs below.

All the other wild young animals decided that she was totally bonkers until Wise Owl suggested that the other animals try seeing things from Bat's view point.

Suddenly they realised that truth has many faces depending on which way you look at it.


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