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9 Fun Activities with 'Daddy's Little Star'

It's Family Fun Month throughout the month of August and people are encouraged to make some time for their families and have some fun!

This week, we feature the book Daddy's Little Star, a book about a playful conversation between Daddy Fox and Little Fox about how the sky goes high up, on and on forever, just like love. To encourage children's participation in storytelling sessions, our team put together a series of storytelling prompts for the book 'Daddy's Little Star' in our previous blog to keep your child engaged during the story session.

To continue celebrating family fun month, here are some simple activities our team came up with. Schedule some time off your busy schedule and try out these fun activities with your little ones at home!


For tiny toddlers (Age 3-6):

Leaf-ing My Print Craft Activity

From this activity, kids will:

explore processes and outcomes, experiment with different colours and develop fine motor skills.

You will need:

- a piece of paper

- some leaves from your garden, or scrap vegetables from the kitchen!

- paint brushes

- paint

How to:

Grab a leaf and begin with brushing it with any paint colour. Next, press the leaf onto a piece of paper then lift it, and you have your first print! Repeat the same steps to decorate the paper as you desire!


For playful preschoolers (Age 6-7):

Fold Your Little Star Craft Activity

From this activity, kids will:

develop hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills, as well as enhance their concentration skills.

You will need:

- star folding paper (long strips of paper with 1cm width)

How to:



For creative children (Age 4-8):

Pictures in the Clouds

From this activity, kids will:

spark their creativity skills and think out of the box!

You will need:

- a creative mind!

How to:

On a sunny day, grab a picnic mat and have a relaxing time sitting in your garden, observing the fluffy clouds in the sky. Identify different shapes and sizes of the clouds and think about what they look like! Go crazy with your imagination!

We believe that everyday can be made fun as long as there is love in the family!


Loving the activities so far? Have a look at more activities and worksheets

planned out based on the book, just download the storytelling guide below and enjoy!

download free resources

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