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A Superhero Kid, My Superpowers? Empowerment!

Updated: Oct 22, 2020

Are you a superhero? Of course you are!

“I believe there is a hero in all of us, that keeps us honest, gives us strength, and makes us noble” – Aunt May, Spiderman

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SuperKid Role Play

We were once kids too, and we all played some sort of make-believe, whether we were superheroes watching over the citizens of a town, saving a princesses or protecting their family's honour and fighting for their dreams.

Though superheroes may be a fictional character, that make-believe play allowed us to be someone else: to believe we can achieve greatness, braver in overcoming struggles, and stronger.

Pretending to be a superhero also helps kids learn to see things from other people’s perspectives. It helps them form empathy and compassion , a skill highly correlated with being successful and commands excellent communication skills.

It gives them a space for creativity and a chance to discover right versus wrong.

Wearing that symbolic cape and mask transforms a child into someone they believe to possess great confidence, strength, courage, and bravery.

As batman once said, “I wear a mask, and that mask is not to hide who I am, but to create who I am.”

Heroism Hall of Fame

Acts of heroism does not to be grand or monumental... a small act of bravery or just a simple gesture of kindness are also heroic acts.

Unleash The Superhero in You.

Alison is the type that loves to give others a hand, no matter who and what they are! She fed some hungry stray cats, saved a bunch of babbling babies from a fire and

even gave a bunch of sweaters to the old grandmas for them to knit! Very nifty indeed.


Boris Saves The Show

Class One got all excited when Miss Cluck said there was going to be an end-of-term show... except for Boris. He was rather shy and worried how he had never been in a show before. Although he was shy at performing he still helped out with the preparations for the show and even helped Miss Webb and her nursery class when their tractor wheels were stuck in the mud. How mighty!

How You Can Help

Stand like a superhero

Together with your child try the Superhero stance, where both you and your child will stand with legs slightly apart, shoulders back and hands on the hips.

Studies have showed that standing in the Superhero pose for 30 seconds, made both children and adults feel more empowered and confident!

Apart from trying out a Superhero stance, spend some time talking with your child about some aspects of superheroes. After watching the movie or reading a book from the Me Books App, ask your child why was the superhero a hero, and assist them in understanding the traits that a hero has and what traits did the villain have.

Parents and kids alike typically think of heroes only as fictional characters with superhuman powers. Of course there is a difference between the real world and the fictional world, which brings the importance in engaging what your child may do as a mortal superhero to help more in the real world.

Share with your child some of your mortal heroes and how they have inspired you.

It is essential to help your child understand that everyone can be a hero, no matter how young, old, small or big.


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